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Forum rules guideline

BeitragVerfasst: Do Mär 23, 2017 10:20 am
von abishkking
Forums rules guideline:

Any posts that violate any of the following rules will be deleted without warning. Should you view any posts that violate these rules please report them to us by selecting “report to us” in the “setting” button in the upper right-hand corner, our forum moderators will take it from there.

1. No sexually descriptive content or s*x suggestion to teenagers, like include “How to” or “the Detail is”;
2. No inappropriate content: include sexually explicit or porn graphic content;
3. No personal attack: include abusive, insult, humiliate, threaten or slander another member;
4. No obscene and abusive language content;
5. No false identities: no multi identities;
6. Do not solicit or reveal personal private information;
7. No illegal content or misrepresentation;
8. No spam posts;

For Adult:
9. You must be 18+ ;

For Teenagers:
9.You must be 13+;
10. Never meet some stranger from the Internet without guardian;
11. Forbid the content concern about drugs and violence;
12. Forbid the content concern of suicide or kill other person topic;
13. Do not post your personal privacy information like phone number, addresses or school name, do not send this privacy information to strangers;
14. Don’t share your forum password with anyone from forums, report us if you found your account was hacked;
15. Don’t reply any posts make you feel unwell;

This forum exists to help and support it’s members.
Please respect the rules and guidelines.